Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Officer Joshua Kehm Real He Man; Able To Slam Kid To Floor

A police officer slams a misbehaving
12 year old girl to the ground, and its caught
on video. He'll get away with it.  
UPDATE: 4/12/16

The school district at which Officer Joshua Kehm bodyslammed that 12 year old girl has fired him.

It also appears Kehm tried to weasel his way out of the mess he created, describing in his report the girl accidentally fell, which, as the school district says is "inconsistent" with the viral video.

I'll say!

Texas Rangers are investigating to see whether criminal charges ought to be brought against Kehm. I'm still not holding my breath on that one, but we'll see.


Details are scant but a video went viral this evening showing a school police officer in San Antonio viciously slamming what is said to be a 12-year-old girl to the ground.

In the video, we see the officer, identified as Joshua Kehm, lifting the girl off her feet, then slamming her to the ground with all his might.  The video is at the bottom of this post, if anyone wants to watch it.

I bet you do, Officer Kehm. It's maybe your finest moment.

You must be so proud of yourself, Officer Kehm! Wow! What a way to gain control and impress all the other kiddies around there.

Bet you hope she got hurt real good, doncha? That'll teach those snotty nosed kids to respect authority. YOUR authority. You with your broad shoulders and bulging biceps.

I bet it felt so good to slam the kid down like that. You won't be able to stop smiling for weeks, will you?

Oh, I know the kid was probably misbehaving. I actually agree with you that some kids are disrespectful, fight, misbehave and cause all kinds of trouble. Reports are she was fighting with another student. And she was struggling against you as you tried to pull her away, which I agree is a no-no.

So sure, discipline the kid, I'm all for that.

By the way, they've already disciplined her, fairly or not. The Associated Press said today that the grl has been suspended from school. 

To you, though, the only alternative you saw was to slam the girl's face into the pavement, then lead her away, dazed and in cuffs.  No wussy detention or suspension from school for this kid. Beat her up instead!

Did you get a chance to punch her a couple times in the squad car, too?  Gotta reinforce your message!

Most cops aren't like you. But a few are. And you can relax. You'll totally get away with this. Just like the other cops who beat up misbehaving kids and teenagers. Or shoot them because they look like gang bangers, or might or might be carrying something that might or might not be gun, Or just because you're pissed off because the kid is walking out in the streets while black.

They'll investigate you, Offier Kehm. The school district says it's investigating, and if the school drops the ball, the local D.A. says he'll investigate.

Maybe they'll you a slap on the wrist, suspend you for a couple days. Just for PR purposes, until this blows over and the obnoxious journalists and social media people like me go away.

Then you'll be reassigned to another school, and you can go ahead and beat up another person. Hopefully this time, they'll have a ban on taking cell phone videos. You gotta get away with it, you know. You don't want any messy commentary.

Yeah, I'd love to hear your side of the story. I'll even add it to this post, just for fairness. But television station WOAI says you're not talking.  Stupid journalists, daring to ask you questions.

But you are SUCH A STUD, Officer Kehm! Don't forget to kick a dog or a cat, just for fun, on your way home. You want to stay in practice for the next kid that pisses you off, right?

Here's the video:

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  1. Matt you can't even get the station name right. Who are you to condemn anyone?