Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Inevitable Just Happened At A Kum & Go Convenience Store

Yes, there is a chain of convenience stores in the Midwest
with this unfortunate name.  
There is only one thing I don't like about going out to see my in-laws in South Dakota periodically.

In South Dakota and surrounding states, there's a chain of convenience stores with the unfortunate name Kum & Go.  Yes, it's spelled that way.

I always feel a flush of embarrassment when I'm the car with my sweet 89 year old mother in law every time we pass by the Yankton, South Dakota Kum & Go.

I know I have a dirty mind, and the owners of the convenience store chain are just inviting people to come in and be served gasoline, coffee or whatever quickly and be on their way.

But I'm sure I'm not the only person whose inner middle school boy emerges when he sees a Kum & Go store.

Finally, the inevitable just happened at one of these Kum & Go stores.

A guy named Gabriel Newell-Terren Lee, 18,  was arrested for masturbating inside a Kum & Go in Mason City, Iowa, says television station KIMT in Mason City

Well, what did you expect?

Police said people in the store saw this guy being a pervert,, and he exposed himself to at least one person there. He drove away in a blue SUV, but police later caught up with him, says KIMT.

All this just reinforces my M.O. when I'm visiting Yankton, South Dakota. When I need my soda, beer or munchies fix, I'll just avoid the Kum & Go and head on over to the HyVee Supermarket.

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