Sunday, April 3, 2016

Crime Fighting Kids Point Helicopter In Right Direction During Crime Manhunt

In this image from a British police helicopter, kids
on an Easter Egg hunt point the way, using their bodies,
toward two burglary suspects police were looking for.  
Some kids in Surrey, England found a quick way to fight crime while out on an Easter Egg hunt.

Surrey Police were chasing down a couple of burglary suspects and the National Police Air Service had a helicopter in the air looking for the two men.

Several kids, ages six to 12, accompanied by parents,  spotted the police helicopter overhead and correctly guessed the cops in the air were looking for the two men the kids had seen earlier.

The kids quickly got down on the ground in a plowed field and formed an arrow with their bodies to point the helicopter in the right direction, Surry Police said.

The helicopter crew steered in the direction the human arrow was pointing and spotted the two crooks. They relayed that information to Surrey Police on the ground, who quickly arrested the pair.  .

"The swift action taken by the group of parents and their childres was the sort of thing you would usually associate with an Enid Blyton adventure, but their ingenuity proved a great help for our crews," said Sgt. Paul Sochon of the National Air Service Police.

After the chase, the helicopter landed so airmen aboard could thank the children. The children responded by sharing chocolate Easter treats with the crew from the helicopter.

All in all, a great day for everyone, except the burglers.

Here's a video of the incident taken from the NPAS helicopter:

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