Thursday, April 14, 2016

This Week's Idiot Wants Everyone To Bring Loaded Guns To Quran-Destroying Ceremony

This moron wants people to bring loaded
guns to his stupid anti-Muslim rally
in Georgia next week. 
Every week or so, the nation gets a new National Village Idiot who somehow manages to top the previous week's National Village Idiot.

Meet Jim Stachowiak. 

His bright idea is to hold a rally in Atlanta next Monday during which he will shred a Quran and a picture of the Prophet Muhammad, which of course is among the most offensive things you can do against the Muslim religion.

Oh, and Stachowiak is encouraging everybody who comes to his hate rally to bring a loaded gun.

What could possibly go wrong?

Stachowiak who is - Surprise! - a Donald Trump supporter, says he has to do this because Muslims are an invading army taking over the nation. I missed that tidbit in the news, but what do I know.

This fun-filled rally will also feature desecrations of copies of photographs of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Who as we all know are secret Muslims plotting to destroy our country. Or something.

My theory is Stachowiak is a double agent for ISIS. What better way to recruit potential new terrorists by holding an event like this? Is Stachowiak a secret Muslim terrorist himself?

Doubt it. Just askin'. Looking for explanations for his stupidity, I guess.

Stachowiak's Idiot's Fair is going to be held in front of the Georgia State Capitol. Public safety officials in Georgia seem less than thrilled by Stachowiak's plans.

"The Georgia Department of Public Safety and the Georgia Building Authority anticipate a non-permitted, anti-Islamic protest on the sidewalks of the Georgia State Capitol....You are hereby notified that protest organizers have encourage their participants to carry loaded long guns," said Georgia Capitol Police Director Lewis G. Young, who clearly doesn't want anybody to show up at Stachowiak's little gathering.

Who can blame Young?

As lovely as Georgia is, it's probably best to stay as far away as possible from their State Capitol next week.

Of course everyone, including Stachowiak has every right to free speech in the United States. Even exceptionally stupid free speech.  So let him have his little rally.

But he clearly wants to cause trouble. Let's not play into this guy's hands.

The Georgia chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations is urging local Muslims to ignore the rally so as not to give Stachowiak and his minions free publicity regarding their message of hate.

Which makes sense. And I'm kinda giving him free publicity here. Georgia Muslims are right to avoid this guy, but it also behooves us to expose idiots like Stachowiak to public scrutiny and ridicule.

One of the best ways to knock back a bully and a jerk is through mocking and jeers, so have at it

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