Thursday, April 7, 2016

Easter Horrors Continue: "Pagan" Easter Bunny Verbally Abused In Church Parking Lot

Our hero, Christine Weick, angrily confronts the
pagan Easter Bunny at a Tennessee church.  
Easter was a couple weeks ago now, but we're still getting reports of the trauma the holiday caused this year.

First, we had the Great Easter Egg Hunt Riots of '16 in Connecticut and Vermont.

Then we had the crime-fighting Easter egg hunters who saved the day in Britain.

Now we have reports of a woman named Christine Weick doing battle with a giant Easter bunny in a Tennessee church parking lot.

Actually, it was a person dressed as the Easter Bunny, but whatever.

The video of the Christine/Easter Bunny battle is at the bottom of this post, by the way. Totally worth the watch.

Apparently, a "pagan" Easter bunny has no business being in a church parking lot, let me tell ya, and Christine let him have it!

"You call yourself a Christian in a pagan custume!" Christine yells at the hapless Easter bunny.

You get 'em girl.

The poor guy standing next to the Easter bunny can only say, "Y'all have a nice day."

Not with Christine around, we won't.

Christine really works hard to preserve the sanctity of Easter. She also yelled and screamed at the ungodly people enjoying an Easter egg hunt in Tennesee this year, too.

(H/T to BoingBoing for this Tennessee Easter News.)

By the way, if the name Christine Weick is vaguely familiar, it's because she's the nutjob who confronted Katy Perry's father in Phoenix last year because he's not controlling and shutting up his superstar singer daughter, who is leading millions of people, including Christine's son, into wicked ways and hell.

Or something like that.

The Christine Vs. Katy Perry's dad confrontation is something to watch, too.

Kudos to Katy's dad, who is a Christian pastor, for keeping his cool. If the glory of God is anywhere, it was with Katy's dad, not Christine.

But what do I know?

I have no idea what other Easter horrors I've yet to inform you about, but I'll keep searching and let you know!

Here's the Christine Vs. Easter Bunny video:

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