Friday, April 15, 2016

Romantic Couple Don't Even Notice The Scary Armed Robbery Right Next To Them

Romance lives on as an armed robbery progresses
in this Billings, Montana bar. The couple kiss, while
the bartender has his hands up, under orders
from the armed robbers.  
I'm happy to report that nobody got hurt during a recent armed robbery at the Tap Inn bar in Billings, Montana.

I'm also happy to report the robbery did not kill romance, at least for one couple.

The two young lovers sitting just a couple feet away from the robbery in the bar didnt even notice.

You can see the surveillance video at the bottom of this post.

I'll let NPR set the scene in the video for you:   

"Three masked assailants storm into a bar in Billings, Montana, brandishing raised weapons, security video shows. The bartender at the Tap Inn throws his hands up. One of the robbers cleans out the cash register as the others wave their guns at the terrified bar patrons.

But for one couple, armed robbery was no match for amour. The intertwined pair continues kissing - just feet from the cash register - throughout the holdup, which lasted less than a minute. Both wear baseball caps on backward and oscillate between locking lips and staring intensely into each other's eyes, apparently so preoccupied that they failed to notice the gun-toting criminals."

We're not sure how much money was taken during the robbery. At least no hearts were stolen, apparently.

The bartender in the incident is fine, and has worked there again since the crime took place.

No word on whether that couple is still making lovey-dovey.

Here's the video, passed along by the Billings Gazette:

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