Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Sharp-Eyed Cop Prevents Sinkhole Disaster

This cop in China spotted a weird crack in the road
at a major intersection. He then prevented LOTS
of problems 
There's a wicked busy, congestion main road in the large city of Hangzhou, China, where traffic slows to a crawl at a major intersection.

Recently, a cop there noticed what seemed to him to be an odd, worrisome crack right in the middle of the intersection.

Security cameras caught what came next. He was nervous enough about it, to direct all the traffic around the crack.

He got his cop cohorts to grab some orange traffic cones and place them around the crack in the road, so drivers would go around them.

This caused quite a little traffic backup and probably some steamed motorists who had to maneuver around the cones.

But good thing. Had it not been for this cop, things would have gotten worse for some motorists than some annoying traffic cones:


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