Saturday, April 16, 2016

Gorilla Does Pretty Little Dance To Cheer Up Your Weekend.

This gorilla is a darned good
 ballet dancer 
A gorilla is going to charm you by playing like a baby, then gracefully dancing like a ballernina in the video within this post.

Just because a little cuteness never hurt anyone.

Note in the video below that Lope, 3 years old, tilts his head and gracefully sets his arms just right, exactly as if he was a professional ballet dancer. This guy is good!

Lope lives at theTwycross Zoo in Leicestershire,  England, and like many human kids, likes to twirl around and dance and have fun.

We should all do that!

Here's the video, though you'll have to click on "Watch On You Tube" once you get into the video because of some copywright thing. Totally worth doing it, though.

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