Sunday, January 22, 2012

Arson, Tampons and Strange People

Yes, I know maybe I've been harping on the strange crimes a bit too much lately, but I couldn't resist this strange, convoluted tale out of Pennsylvania.

For some reason, according to police, a couple decided to destroy somebody's car in Metal Township, Pennsylvania.  Great name for a town, but that's beside the point.

It's unclear why, but I guess they were upset.  First they took the traditional route by bashing dents into the car's body and cracking and breaking windows. Standard issue vandalism
Patricia and Quentin Deshong, looking unhappy after
being busted for allegedly trying to torch a car
with flaming tampons.

But this pair was on a roll. They wanted to destroy this vehicle, after all. So, they did the obvious. They set some tampons on fire and tried to stuff the flaming material into the gas tank and the oil pan, according to The Smoking Gun.

The police report said the couple, Quentin and Patricia Deshong, was drunk, which explains a lot, but not everything. It also didn't help Patricia Deshong's case when she got to the police station, she said she was "going to f***ing kill" a Pennsylvania state trooper once she was sprung from the holding tank, court papers indicate.

Even the side issues with this case are still weird. The guy who drove the owner of the car, Falon Clark to the scene was drunk, police said, and was processed for DUI. As of the time the Smoking Gun article was written, Clark was still Facebook friends with Patricia Deshong, but Clark also did post a message that she was "lookin' for revenge," so I assume this story isn't over.

Lucky us.

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