Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Obama Is Hiding His Past Teleportation to Mars, Pair Says

It turns out Donald Trump was barking up the wrong tree when he accused President Obama of faking his birth certificate.

According to Wired, the real scandal was revealed by Andrew Basiago and William Stillings, who say they are ex-government agents who were once "chrononauts" and went with a 19-year old Obama on a secret CIA mission to Mars. 

Apparently, Obama was up there on Mars helping to squelch threats from extraterrestials and establishing territorial sovereignty on the red planet.
Did a youthful Barack Obama participate in a secret mission
to Mars to kill extraterrestials, like Marvin the Martian?

Of course, the U.S. government, those cloakers of government nefariousness, deny that Obama was anywhere near Mars, or had anything to do with Mars, other than watching Looney Tunes' "Marvin the Martian" as a kid.

I wish Obama would come clean on this. Is he promoting green technology as a ruse to establish new fuel sources for a Martian conquest? Did he kill Osama bin Laden because bin Laden knew too much about the secret government Mars takeover? Did Obama push through health care reform to take care of any astronauts that go to Mars.

I call on the field of Republican presidential candidates to expose this major potential scandal.

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