Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Things That Amazingly Needed Explaining to Stupid People.

Reddit had an absolutely funny and depressing recent thread on the stupidest things people had to explain to someone else. 

There's some doozies in there. One of them include an employee at Michael's who had to deal with a woman who was upset there were not ten by eight picture frames. There were only eight by ten frames.

The sales clerks turned an eight by ten frame on its side, and the woman was happy.
Unfortunately, this statement is true too often.

I've had to deal with that kind of thing myself. Once, vacationing in South Carolina in July, a woman at a store remarked that I "must be happy to be out of all that cold and snow you've got up there." I could not convince her Vermont is not a snow covered arctic tundra in July.

Another South Carolinian asked me. "Where you from, boy?"
"Vermont," I replied.
Said he: "Vermont?! Ain't that part of Killington."
Not wanting to go there, I just said, "Um, yeah."

At work once, a woman called me upset that I wrote a news article about her son, who was charged with a crime and had been in court.
"Where did you get that information anyway," she asked me.
"It was in the affidavit," I said.
She replied: "Who's David?"

Another time I was accused by a reader of being racist because I reported that police said a car crash was caused by black ice. By using the term "black" to describe the ice, I was apparently disparaging African Americans. Oh.

Another one of my favorite items in the Reddit thread was in a school that was almost out of paper. One girl had the perfect solution: "Why don't we photocopy a blank piece of paper a bunch of times, and we'll have plenty of paper that way."

OK readers, what was the dumbest thing YOU'VE had to explain to anyone?

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