Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas Tree Dismantled, Holiday Over, Phew!

A 45-foot tall Christmas tree graced the Church Street Marketplace, in the central business and shopping district of Burlington, Vermont.
Crews split Burlington, Vermont's
Christmas tree in half as it's taken down

The city put the tree up with great care, carefully placing it just so, tethering it to surrounding buildings it wouldn't blow over, and decking it out with a zillion environmentally friendly LED lights.

The end of the season is less precise. A swarm of guys from Barretts Tree Service came in and blasted it to pieces with chain saws in short order.
Branches from Burlington, Vermont's Christmas tree
are unceremoniously stuffed into a wood chipper now that
the holiday is over. 

At least the tree will continue to be used well. The tree's trunk is going to a lumber yard, and it will be sawed into planks. Those planks will be used in a new Habitat for Humanity home, as reported in the Burlington Free Press. Gotta like that kind of recycling. And it's the kind of regifting any recipient would like.

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