Saturday, January 21, 2012

Judge Judy Inspires Rage in at Least One Woman

Whatever you do, do NOT, repeat NOT watch "Judge Judy" with Janet Knowles, 62, of Jupiter, Florida.

Yeah, yeah, I know you probably don't know Janet, so you wouldn't watch TV with her. Or you're not a fan of "Judge Judy" or you have better things to do than fly down to Jupiter, Florida to watch bad TV.
Is Judge Judy angry because somebody got mad and
assaulted somone for watching her show? 

But I care.  So it's always best to warn people away from danger. Seems a 65 year old guy was sitting in his living room recently watching Judge Judy when Knowles had enough. I'm not quite sure what the good judge said, but Knowles got so angry that she took it out on the guy and smacked him with a hammer. 

As always in these breaking criminal cases, some details are lacking. What worries me is, will Judge Judy inspire other such attacks in the future?

Maybe the good judge is trying to stockpile cases for her show. She angers people, who commit assaults because of her, then they come before Judge Judy to sort it all out in her courtroom.

A ratings bonanza!

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