Saturday, January 14, 2012

Updates: Girl Taunted, Then Supported Ties; Golden Voice Thrives

A couple of updates to a couple of my blog posts over the past year:

 In November, 2010, I told you about an eight year girl in Michigan who was being taunted mercilessly both in person and on Facebook by neighbors Jennifer and Scott Petkov.
Kathleen Edward of Michigan died last week of Huntington's
disease. She'd been mercilessly taunted by a cyberbully,
an adult neighbor, but an outpouring of support helped the girl

The little girl was dying of Huntingtons disease, but the evil Petkovs thought it would be fun to torment her anyway. This included wishing the girl would die and driving a truck done up like a hearse to drive the point home.

Needless to say, the rest of the neighbors were majorly P.O'd at the toxic Petkovs, who apparently were mad that the girl's grandparents didn't invite their daughter to a party so started a hate campaign.

The little girl, Kathleen Edward, died last week of Huntington's, but not before an outpouring of support from people all over the place eased the poison from the pathetic Petkovs.

One toy store owner appealed for help, hoping to raise maybe $500 or so to give the kid a shopping spree last year. He ended up raising $17,000, which undoubtedly led to a pretty good and well deserved shopping spree.

The Petkovs are allegedly up to their old tricks again, posting kind of stealth Facebook notes like what a great block party there would be when Kathleen died. The Petkovs said they didn't post that. Must have been a hacker, they said. We'll see.   But more court trouble could be brewing for the Petkovs.

In happier news, the once homeless man with the golden voice is thriving. We told you in  ?? about Ted Williams, the guy with addictions and who was homeless panhandled by giving spiels using his perfect radio voice.
Once homeless and drug addled, "golden voice"
Ted Williams now reportedly doing quite well

He got a crush of a huge media response, and in January, 2011 I worried in the blog that I worried the stampede would overwhelm him and he'd sink back into addiction.

Williams sought treatment for his addiction, but he had a couple relapses early on. However, the great news is reports indicate he is now doing very well. He's got lots of jobs. (You might have heard his voice in a Kraft macaroni and cheese commercial),  several offers, and is living in a nice condo with his girlfriend and his sober living coach.  He's not into substance abuse anymore and says he's unbelievably happy.

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