Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mischievous Books Have Overnight Dance Fun in Toronto

Just found a video that made my day. The people at Type Books in Toronto painstakingly did a stop action video of books dancing around and rearranging themselves overnight after the store closed for the night.

A still from the video "Joy of Books" from Type Books in Toronto
The video is designed to celebrate the joy of books, but frankly, it's a great advertisement for the book store. Anybody who is that whimsical must run a cool store. I almost want to call in sick tomorrow and drive all the way to Toronto just to shop at this place.

“This video is a tribute, a love letter to books as objects. The door closes, the book seller goes home for the day and the party begins. The books get up and dance, they peek around the corner to make sure no one is looking and they have a really good time. It’s magical, it’s whimsical,"  said store owner Joanne Saul in a CBC interview.

Watch this super worthwhile video below: Betcha a Webter's dictionary you'll smile despite yourself.

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