Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cool Photos: Movie Star Baby; N.Y. Life

My own photography mostly leans toward nature and weather shots, but I always love it when photographers find a really creative way to make their art.

One of my favorites is on a blog called "Arthur Recreates Scenes From Classic Movies." In it British mom, writer and photographer Emily Cleaver poses her young son to match iconic scenes from well known movies. Among them are "The Godfather," "Rambo" and "Twelve Angry Men"
Baby Arthur recreates a scene from "Alien."

Cleaver says her son loves hamming it up for the cameras. I think a movie star's big career has started.

Another artist, Katie O'Beirne has a really cool participatory art project going. She leaves disposable cameras at random places around New York, encourages people to take pictures, then returns to collect the used cameras, and develops the pictures. She has a lot of them on her Tumblr site, New York Shots. 

Hey there fellow shutterbugs: What creative ideas to YOU have that can turn into a really cool project.

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