Monday, January 30, 2012

Putting the Dogs To Work

Our dog Jackson gives us a lot of joy, that's for sure. He's goofy and energetic and has a lot of love to offer.

But, selfish me, sometimes I want something more. Jackson goes through dog food as if he was trying to win the World Eating Championship, so that gets expensive. And he loves eating socks, too, especially when said socks have been worn and smell really ripe.  This means I'm always spending money on new socks.

So, why not put Jackson to work? Why can't he contribute to paying the phone bill, the heating bill, the mortgage?  Hey, we're always being told by certain polticians we don't deserve a free ride, so work, work work!
Jackson the landscaper, hauling away a stick from our
yard in St. Albans, Vermont. 

Our Jackson is pretty strong, and he has unlimited energy, so maybe he can run a branch office of my landscaping business. Lord knows he loves branches, the way he always carries them around. He can gnaw down brush homeowners don't want, then put them in a nice pile for disposal.

Jackson eats flowers in gardens, so maybe we can train him to eat weeds instead.

To impart a work ethic on Jackson,  I'll show him  the video that I found that shows a nice dog working as a receptionist in a veterinarian's office. It's true. He deals with receipts, and makes sure the clients leave with all the necessary paperwork that tracks the health of all those Fidos and Fluffys.

Watch our canine career gal working, below:

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