Sunday, January 8, 2012

Prez Candidate Vermin Supreme Hates Gingivitis, Loves Ponies

There's been a lot of commentary that many of our current crop of presidential candidates are um, wacky nutjobs.

As noted this week, Jackson, my cocker spaniel, tried to inject some sanity into the race by launching his presidential bid.

Then, we have another candidate, named Vermin Supreme, who recently appeared at a New Hampshire panel of lesser-known candidates, looking fetching in that big black rubber boot he was wearing on his head.

Vermin Supreme is running on a platform of a government crackdown on gingivitis and a pony for everyone in America. He would provide everyone in America with government issued toothpaste that is an "addictive yet harmless substance." He says he is a friendly fascist and we should let him run our lives because knows what's best for us.
Vermin Supreme campaigns, as seen in this photo by Lori Duff
of the Concord Monitor

Methinks Vermin here is really running on a platform of how goofy he thinks politics is, so he wants to one up the whole thing. I wonder if he receives lobbying money from the toothpaste industry and the American Quarter Pony Association.

Still, I wonder if he should just pull that big old rubber boot down over his face. You watch his video and judge for yourself:

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