Wednesday, January 11, 2012

People Who Do Things Much Better Than You

Today, we're going to watch videos to make us all feel worse. Most of them are from Buzzfeed, The Daily What and Reddit, and feature people who do what they do so skillfully, we are all worthless by comparison.

First, we'll watch a finger painter who really performs under deadline. And on a small canvas:

Next, we take Southwest Airlines flight 372, where the flight attendant gives his safety and flight announcements, but he sure isn't boring. Yes, the video has been kicking around out there for more than two years, but what the hell, it's stiil cool:

It looks like our Southwest flight ends up in China, where we take in a womens' volleyball match. See if you can bat the ball around like these two teams. Even the local television announcer sounds besides himself, though we can't tell for sure because he speaks Chinese:

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