Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Robot Horse Wants to Kill You By Throwing Cinder Blocks at Your Head

I found a pretty terrifying video that's spreading around the Internet today.

It shows a robot horse that's able to coordinate itself so that it can throw cinderblocks really hard, and really accurately at people or things that the robot, or its programmers don't like.

This is a Pentagon project, natch, done by Army Research Laboratory Boston Dynamics. It seeks, and seems to succeed at the physiology animals and humans use to most effectively use their bodies for any variety of tasks.

They're trying to come up with a robot that can negotiate uneven terrain, yet can throw objects or otherwise fight the enemy. Especially an enemy with an aversion to cinder blocks.  Of course, I imagine this thing can throw other things. Shoes. grenades. tactical nuclear weapons.

This is kind of a mix of old school --- horses engaging in warcraft on the battlefield ---with the Big Future -- robots fighting our wars for us.

If I was unfortunate enough to have a hostile neighbor, I'd hate for them to get their hands on this machine.

Here's the video:

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