Saturday, March 23, 2013

Catching Up With Another Backlog of Weird Crimes

A bloggers pursuit of weird crime news is never done. People have incredible creativity when it comes to finding ways to commit unique crimes.
Well, he found one way to highlight a
school computer security concern  
First we go to Florida State University in Panama City, where a student found a way to redirect everybody who used the wifi to a porn site that you don't want to  to if you'd like to avoid a GIF of two guys really, really graphically getting it on. 

Apparently, according to police Benjamin Blouin, 26, did the weird hack because he wanted to demonstrate the lack of security in the university's WiFi system. He decided to do so in a graphic way because he'd long been trying to convince the university of the security lapse in less graphic ways.

Blouin's move worked, anyway. The university announced it would upgrades its WiFi security.

Of course, he now faces a felony charge and has been suspended from school, but I guess there's  price for everything.

Next we go to Oklahoma, for a story you might want to skip if you're a bit squeamish. Or don't like extreme weirdness.  But it is fascinating in its own, sick way.

It turns out a woman named Christie Dawn Harris found a unique way of packing heat. Police said they found her with a .22 calber gun hidden up her, um, lady parts.
She found a new way to be
a pistol packin' gal
Not to mention a bunch of meth up her butt.

Well, I guess she's creative at carrying stuff. And some people say that attractive women are "packing heat" so our Christie puts new meaning into that phrase.

But, as insulting as this sounds, I don't find Christie particularly physically attractive, at least judging from her mug shot. Sorry.

I'm glad she didn't decide to meet up with any sexual partners during this escapade. Could've been explosive

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