Sunday, March 31, 2013

Two Young Girls Try Singing Adele Song; Succeed Wildly

There is a phenomenon called the Public School 22 Chorus out of New York, consisting of fifth graders who, in the ultimate understatement, can sing so well they totally knock your socks off.

Of course, any graduate worth his or her salt continue on with their talents. Two girls, Kiarah and Denise, who graduated from the chorus in the past year or two, gave Adele's hit "Set Fire To The Rain" a try.

They did so in an acoustically miserable stairwell for the video you are about to see. Despite that, they do about as well as Adele, in my opinion, and Adele is probably the best voice in pop music today.

Since I like to showcase talent, especially since it's coming from youngsters, here's Denise and Kiarah, for your enjoyment.

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