Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lawsuit Says FedEx Delivered Pot to Wrong House, Then Told Intended Recipient Where To Get It

Ohh, this is messy.

The first sin is forgivable: FedEx delivered a package to the wrong address. It was sent by drug dealers and contained seven pounds of pot.  FedEx didn't know about the drugs, of course. They just screwed up the address a bit.
Every once in awhile, FedEx doesn't delivery
what you want, apparently.  
OK mistakes happen. So FedEx got the wrong address. Everybody makes the occasional error now and then.

But if allegations in a subsequent lawsuit are true, FedEx really dropped the ball. They just told the intended recipients of the pot to go to the house where it was delivered and ask for it back, according to Courthouse News Service.

So the woman, Maryangela Tobin,  who inadvertently received the pot got a visit from some very shady people, wanting the stuff back. She'd already given it to the cops, so that didn't work.

According to Courthouse News:

"Tobin says police kept constant surveillance on her home for several days and that though three smugglers were arrested days later, 'an unknown number of smugglers remain at large.'

According to Detective Mason, even if the three arrested smugglers are convicted, they would likely be back on the streets within several months."

Tobin says her daughters 'are now too scared to be alone in their own home for any appreciable period of time, which has had a significant disruptive effect on the Tobins.

She seeks damages for violations of Massachusetts privacy laws, intentional and reckless infliction of emotional distress and negligence."

FedEx has so far said they have no comment on the lawsuit.

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