Friday, March 8, 2013

Amputee H.S. Wrestler Shoots Down Most of My Whiny Excuses About Why I Am Too Lame to Exercise

Thanks a lot, Caleb Smith of Harding High School in Minnesota.

See, sometimes I lean on excuses not to get active. My shoulder hurts. I'm tired. There's that bit of arthritis in my hip.  And you, Caleb, just shot those excuses out of the water.

Smith is a 120 pound high school wrestler. That in itself is not such a big deal. There's lots of teens like that. Yawn.

High schoo wrestler Caleb Smith of
Minnesota. Photo from CBS.
Smith, however, has no arms below the elbows, no legs below the knees. He contracted a blood infection when he was four years old, and the only way to save his life was the amputations.

But Smith seems to be doing pretty well. He first went out for wrestling when he was in fifth grade, and is now part of the high school team.

His coach said Smith's a tough opponent because he's stronger than you'd think, and his quote, unquote disability makes him approach matches more innovatively, and makes it more difficult for opponents to grapple with him successfully.

The kid's pretty built, too, as you will see in the video below.

So, again, thanks a bunch, Caleb. Too bad if my tris are still a bit sore from the last workout. I've got to hit the gym.

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