Thursday, March 21, 2013

KABOOYOW! Woman Offers Best Description of Huge Hailstorm to TV Reporter

Hailstorms this week caused millions of dollars in damage this week from Texas to Georgia.

That's neither funny nor terrific, of course. Nobody wants to see their property wrecked in a storm.

What is funny and terrific is the interview a woman named Michelle Clark granted to Houston television station KPRC about the hail.

She's perfect. She's the best television news interview subject at least since Kai, the free spirit who earlier this year colorfully and brilliantly described how he aborted a violent assault.

Clark, the hailstone lady, even invents a new word. "Kabooyow!" which refers to loud gunshot-like noises.

I think Michelle Clark could have a superb future as a television meteorologist. I think she should grab her resume, take the next flight to the Weather Channel headquarters in Atlanta and apply for a job. I'd watch her religiously every time I wanted an update on the weather forecast.

She'd give Jim Cantore a run for his money, for sure.

Here's the video from television station KPRC:

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