Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Winter Is Ending, Which Is A Relief After Watching These Videos

I've come across two videos very recently that demonstrate that winter is out to kill us.

True, the people in both videos were out in the middle of nowhere, in rugged mountains, by people doing some pretty extreme, adventurous sports.

But the videos do want me to take a leisurely nap on a summer beach. (But not in the water! Stay away from the sharks!)

Happy spoiler alert: Everybody lived in the two videos you are about to see.

The first video shows some mountain climbers at someplace called Canale Holzer in Italy. It shows a big avalanche bearing down on them. I'm sure they got quite a scare:

The next video shows an ice climber who seems to have been attacked by an itty bitty chunk of ice falling off the mountain. That glorified ice cube set off a cascading set of problems.

The guy in question was wearing a GoPro camera, so we have the unfortunate ice climber's point of view as his ice climbing excursion goes seriously wrong:

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