Sunday, March 3, 2013

Creepy Young Man Who Beat Up Homeless Man for YouTube "Fun" Sentenced.

In December, 2011, I posted an awful story about some dopey kid named Taylor Giresi, who was then 20 and some 17 year old moron posting a video of them beating up a homeless guy in New Jersey, apparently because they thought it was funny.

A still from that awful video of Taylor Giresi, attacking
a homeless man, seen here bloodied after Giresi hit him 
Word comes now that Giresi, now 22, has been sentenced to three years in prison for the crime, but some might question whether the sentence is long enough.

Giresi's lawyer said mitigating factors are that his client has a low IQ of 74 and has some psychological issues. Well, you have to have some mental health problems if you think beating up a guy for the cameras is fun. The lawyer said Giresi was egged on by the 17 year old moron who was filming the beating.

Here's just a tiny bit of the account of the attack the New York Post provides:

"After initially attacking the homeless man, the young man in the video returns to him again. As the cameraman urges him on, he punches the homeless man in the face, sending him sprawling to the ground."

 According to the New York Post, Giresi didn't exactly seem too remorseful for the crime.

"I already apologized to the homelesss man; I knew him," Giresi said in a halting monotone. "It wasn't like anything serious. But when I put it on YouTube it got serious. I wasn't trying to hurt the man."

Wow, are there a lot of problems with that statement. Let's pick it apart, OK?

"I already apologized."    Really? How? When?

"I knew him."  So that makes it OK to beat the crap out of him and terrorize the poor guy? Because you knew him? Funny, my first impulse isn't to punch the people I know.

"It wasn't like anything serious."  Nah, We do it all the time. Just beat up innocent people minding their own business because, you know, it's fun!

"But when it got on YouTube it got serious."  Yeah, it's not serious if you brutally assault someone, but when people call you out on it when they see you being a horrible person on YouTube, then it's bad. Are we a little self centered, Taylor?

"I wasn't trying to hurt the man."  So punching and kicking a person is not hurting someone? Then what is?

Yes, yes, I know that Giresi is mentally challenged and has psychological problems.  But isn't there some level of responsibility in there somewhere? The prison sentence seems to say so, but if his quotes are right, he doesn't say so.

There's no word on where the homeless man who Giresi and friend beat up is now. The 17 year old who helped in the attack spent two months in a juvenile detention center and is on probation, according to the post.

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