Friday, March 29, 2013

"Fire Me" Twitter Site Finds People Who Want to Lose Their Jobs

Here's a handy dandy, or at least vaguely entertaining site to waste time on. A Twitter feed called Fire Me is up, which searches and displays Tweets from people who talk about how much they hate their jobs, hate the boss, want to kill the boss.

A screen grab from "Fire Me"
In other words, these Tweeters are daring someone to fire them.

Since everything you post online is fair game to employers (it is public, you know) no wonder the unemployment rate is so high.

There are an amazing number of people who post, with their names, how much they detest their jobs, their co-workers, their bosses, the companies they work for.

There's going to be a lot of people looking for jobs soon because of this site. Let's hope they find something they like more than their current employment. They probably also need to hope potential new bosses don't stumble upon the Fire Me site

Be forwarned, there are a a LOT of Tweets on Fire Me with foul language.

Fire Me is divided into four sections: "Haters" which has people saying they hate their jobs; "Horrible Bosses," which gathers all the Tweets from people who say their bosses are jerks; "Sexual Intercourse" which consists of Tweets from people who use the F bomb to describe their job or their bosses, and "Potential Killers" which is all the Tweets from people who say they intend to murder their bosses and/or coworkers.

There's even a useful tab on which you can check yourself, to see if you Tweeted anything that can get you fired. (

I think the Fire Me site's days are numbered, however. A number of Tweets that popped up on Fire Me from late yesterday on warn others  that Fire Me exists, and their bosses are probably reading all these negative Tweets.

Perhaps it would be a good time to work for a resume writing service. A lot of people will be looking for jobs, and demand will be high.

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