Wednesday, March 13, 2013

World's Worst Song and Music Video From Czech Republic Delightfully Awful

The nomination for the latest, worst music video and song comes from the Czech Republic. Somebody named Nicky sings something called "Rich Boy."

I use the term "sing" loosely, as the blonde young woman who um, performs the song sounds like an asthmatic woodchuck.

The incredible Nicky performing "Rich Boy" in this still
from her video. 
I think the tune, which I found highlighted this morning on Buzzfeed,  sells her attributes to some mythical rich boy she wants to hook up with. The lyrics stunningly entice said rich boy. Some choice examples:

"I'm cute and clever
For now and forever.
I have big tits
And I like politics.


"I'm not a bitch
I want to be rich.
I will not work
I will not eat pork"


"Here is my phone

Either she's got it wrong, or Gawd they have complicated phone numbers in the Czech Republic. In any event, according to Digital Spy, the number she gives is not her real number, as she says she is not stupid.

The video had gotten more than 750,000 hits as of March 13, so it's turning into a phenomenon. Some say it's just a parody, others say it's the real deal. I don't know. You decide.

You don't get the full force of this incredible music video unless you watch it. It's right here, brace yourself for a real experience.


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