Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pure Joy: A Green Summer Field, A Little Girl, 14 German Shepherds

I just HAD to post this video because of the pure, simple joy involved. (Found it today on Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish)

A still from the most joyous and pure
video I've seen in ages
It shows a green field in the middle of summer, somewhere in Norway. A gleeful little girl, age 5, dressed pretty in pink is cavorting in the field, shreiking delightedly as 14 German shepherds join in the fun.

What makes this video perfect is it contains only that one emotion: Joy. The kid is totally un-selfconscious. She's living in the moment. So are the German shepherds. And the living for all of them is perfect.

We should all be so lucky as to be that little girl. Or those dogs. But at least we get a taste of it. It's an instructional video on how to live.

So thank you, little girl and German shepherds for the lesson. I'll watch this repeatedly, thanks. Especially when I need an emotional upper and some perspective. I hope you will watch,  too.

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