Saturday, March 9, 2013

Awesome Public Art in Frederick, Maryland

I've been visiting relatives and friends the past few days in Frederick, Maryland, a really nice small city west of Baltimore.

A centerpiece of downtown Frederick is Carroll Creek Park.  It's basically a canal that runs through the city center of historic old buildings, very good restaurants, funky shops, art galleries, and antique stores.

Not so distorted mural image

And a distorted version, from
different angle

Carroll Creek Park is basically a flood control project so that high water never ruins this nice town. But why does flood control have to be ugly?  So the park, a prominade of pathways, grass, and especially wonderful public artwork goes through the center of town.

In this post you see two photos of what seems to be part of a mural depicting a young girl. One photo looks pretty good, the other is badly distorted.

I've made no mistakes or done no funny business with either of these photos. They are raw photos. No photoshopping, no touching up. Just two photos taken on my Canon rebel, shot in full auto mode.

The only difference was I took the photos from two vantage points. The one that doesn't seem too distorted was taken looking diagonally at the wall. The one that's very distorted was taken straight on.

I have no idea how the artist did this, but depending upon where you stand, the mural image of the girl is badly distorted, or not.

There's other cool stuff in Carroll Creek Park. My husband Jeff has been here before. As we approached a small bridge in the park, we stopped about 50 feet from it and  he asked me what I saw ahead of me.

"Well, there's some nice ivy hanging on to some of the stone work on the bridge. I love the detail they carved into the stones on the side of the bridge. Is that a little fountain on the side of it." I replied.
This is all painted ivy and
stonewor, not the real thing
"We'll keep walking," Jeff said.

As we got closer I saw that everything I thought I saw from a distance wasn't what I thought. Everything was painted on the bridge. But it looked totally real. Again amazing.

There was other artwork as well, including some beautifully rendered ironwork shaped into trees, leaves, dragon flies and other items.

I'm not sure who decided to create this beautiful, interesting artwork in Frederick, but it was a beautiful investment.  Check it out if you're ever in that area

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