Saturday, March 23, 2013

Incredibly Stupid Milk Gallon Smashing Fad Gets Highly Welcome Crackdown From Cops

All kinds of weird fads get going on line these days. Everybody was doing Gangnam Style last year, until everybody threw up from being so sick of it. Other people were planking, laying stiff as a board on all kinds of objects and settings.

Nothing really wrong with all that. Doesn't hurt anybody.  Those fads almost never causes much in the way of damage or waste. Knock yourself out if you want to do it.

The gallon smashing kids morons at
work in their stupid video
But a fad that started this year was both incredibly stupid, incredibly wasteful and made a mess to boot. It just proves humans' huge capacity to outdo each other with moronic behavior.

In late February, two brothers and a cousin named Omar, Zayd and Faysal Khatib uploaded to YouTube what they thought was a hilarious video of them going into supermarkets and smashing gallons of milk and other beverages onto the floor, according to Gawker.

They'd pretend to trip and fall, smashing the jugs on the floor and sometimes other customers.  OK, these kids are definitely not slapstick comic geniuses. Do us a favor pals, and stay out of comedy. And video. You have no future there.

As these things sometimes do, the Khatibs' video went viral and unfortunately spawned lots of immitators. A fad was born.

Got Milk? Probably not. Some stupid kids probably smashed the jugs all over the supermarket floor before you could buy any.

The Khatibs, who call themselves "three cheeky kids with a camcorder," pulled the video off of YouTube not long after it appeared and sort of apologized, but not really.

According to Washington City Paper:

".....the three pranksters were asked whether they felt bad about flopping all over local grocery stores. 'We kind of do now,' said Omar. 'But I mean, it was just an innocent prank.'

Yeah, an innocent prank, of course. But kids, I mean morons,somebody had to pay for all that spilled milk. I'm sure that was a pleasant experience, seeing how it was splashed all over EVERYTHING.  And somebody had to be paid by somebody to clean their mess up. The Kathibs surely didn't clean up, self entitled jerks that they are.

Are you making money off your YouTube channel, stupid Khatib brothers and cousin?  Then maybe some of that money should have gone to the poor guy or gal that had to pick up after you

Well, now Fairfax County, Virginia prosecutors are bringing seven misdemeanor charges of destruction of property and disorderly conduct. 

And copycats in other states are getting charges brought against them, too.

By the way, the three have a YouTube channel with lots of other pranks they've done that were not nearly as destructive as the milk thing.  I made the HUGE mistake of checking out a couple of their videos. Those few minutes watching are a few minutes of my life wasted that I'll never get back.

Don't let this happen to you!

In a way, it's too bad these kids are in legal trouble. They'll have to pay lawyers fees and maybe some fines. That money would certainly be better spend on learning to shoot videos, and learning to get a sense of humor. And learning to just shut up and leave the rest of the world alone already.

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