Friday, March 29, 2013

Worst Kids Of The Week: 13-Year Olds Try to Poison Teacher

News is spreading out of Newport News, Va. of two creepy 13 year old kids who tried to poison their teacher by putting hand sanitizer into her tea. Needless to say, the pair are in big, big trouble.

The teacher, Jane Miller, .didn't notice the taste of the hand sanitizer in the tea, but she did get sick. "My stomach would bother me.... I ws running a low grade temperature. I was just exhausted by the time I got home, Miller, 66, told ABC News.

This teacher was allegedly poisoned by two
13 year olds who put hand sanitizer in her tea
Miller's been treated by a doctor and she is or soon will be fine, according to ABC.

She didn't know why she'd get ill at work until another student caught the other 13 year olds putting the hand sanitizer in the tea and clued the school resource officer and others in.

So, kudos to the kid who didn't keep his or her mouth shut when the fellow students were poisoning the teacher's tea.

The kids were in a math review class Miller taught. They clearly don't like math. Frankly, I hate math, too, but why punish the math teachers? It's not like they invented math and are using it to torture innocent kids.

The 13 year olds have not been publicly named, but do face felony charges that could land them in jail for five years.

Maybe if they go to jail they can practice math so much that they'll learn to like it.  Like adding how many more months they'll have to linger in jail or juvenile detention hall.

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