Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Best Pre-Flight Safety Instruction EVER

Marty Cobb, shown here appearing on "Ellen" might
be the nation's funniest and quick witted flight attendant. 
Airlines are understandably worried that people on commercial flights don't pay attention to those safety instructions you all hear every time you're on a plane and it's just about to take off.

Some airlines hire famous people to appear in films doing the safety routine, or there's comedy routines, or some bells and whistles.

Via the blog BoingBoing.net, I found one of the best yet.

No bells and whistles. Just a quick-witted flight attendent named Martha "Marty" Cobb offering a hilarious pre-flight safety instruction that certainly had the passengers sit up and take notice.

Congratulations to her for putting them in an unusually good mood amid what is normally the gloom of a cramped and crowded commercial flight.

The video, which has been rattling virally around the Internet for a year and a half now, helpfully is sort of closed captioned, so you can read what Cobb is saying. (Her delivery is pretty rapid fire.)

The Southwest flight attendant got so much notoriety that she ended up in the media last year, even doing a guest appearance on "Ellen."

She is certainly better than a flight attendant I had to deal with last summer on a United flight from Chicago to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The attendant didn't seem to know which city we were heading to. Every time it came up to mention which city we were heading toward, the flight attendant said, Umm...

All of us helpful passengers shouted "Sioux Falls!" when those moments happened. It was a bit scary. We didn't really want to end up in, say, Saskatoon, Canada, although I'm sure that's a lovely city.

Luckily, the pilot and co-pilot seemed pretty sure we all wanted to go to Sioux Falls, and they got us there with no trouble.

But boy, I wish we had this Southwest flight attendent to get us in the proper mood to get us to our destination.


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