Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Wild Excitement With Mousetraps And Ping Pong Balls For Cool Factor And Advertising

Turns out lots of mouse traps and ping pong
balls make for a really cool video. Who knew?  
For no other reason than to see if they could make a cool video and advertise Pepsi Max at the same time, some filmmakers decided to set up 2,014 mousetraps and 2,015 ping pong balls to set up a chain reaction.

This was done as an advertising gimmick for New Year's Eve (note the 2,014 and 2,015 figures) but the results really are quite spectacular.

Not as good as the New Year's Eve fireworks in Dubai, but pretty damn good.

Especially since we're just talking about mouse traps and ping pong balls here.

I have no idea whether Pepsi Max is any good, but at least they got their product placement in. And they got me to post this cool video, which has also gone viral, so I guess their advertising dollars were well spent.

The video is mesmerizing, but I found the music with it to be a bit annoying. You can always mute the sound if you agree with me.

Here is the video:

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