Saturday, January 31, 2015

Satan Is Everywhere! In Monster Energy Drinks! In Texas Muslim Press Conference!

Christine Weick, accurately called a "banshee"
by the Dallas Morning News, grabs a microphone
away from a guy and yells during Texas Muslim
Day in Austin this past week. Photo by
Jay Janner, Austin American-Statesman.  
Back in November, I told you about a woman with a unique perspective who informed us that all evidence suggests that Monster energy drinks are an instrument of the devil.

She went on in great detail on this subject in a YouTube video that went viral. 

We all had a nice chuckle over that a couple months ago.  

Now she's back, that attention hog, disrupting a Texas press conference in the past week that dared to suggest not all Muslims are murderous terrorists who are  Satan personified.

According to Raw Story and numerous other outlets, Christine Weick was one of the noisy, obnoxious protestors at a Texas Muslim Capitol Day celebration in Austin this past Thursday.

She had the nerve to wrest the microphone away from a speaker and shout: "I proclaim the name of the Lord Jesus Christ over the capitol of Texas! I stand against Islam and the false prophet!

Way to go, Christine. I'm sure God is real proud of a random crazy lady disrupting a press conference in the middle of Texas.

By the way, Raw Story notes that Weick wasn't the only person unhinged in Texas last Thursday because Muslims dared to show up in public.

State Rep. Molly White, a Republican from the fine community of Belton, Texas, wasn't in her office, but left a message saying she'd left an Israel flag on her reception desk (for some reason) and that any Muslim who showed up in her office had to "renounce Islamic terrorist groups and publicly announce allegiance to America and our laws."

Never mind that most Muslims in the United States actually do renounce terrorism and consider themselves American.

The Dallas Morning News has the perfect quote from a Muslim who was at the rally Christine and her fellow jerks disrupted:

"'The problem that even the lawmakers have - they don't know Muslims,' said Mustafaa Carroll, executive director of CAIR Texas. 'And anytime anything happens anywhere in the world, they're asking Muslims to denounce something they had nothing to do with. If you want a denunciation, ask those people who did it."

Like if a Christian commits a murder somewhere, should we expect our friend Christine to immediately go on television to denounce it?

Naw.  She's been really too busy saving Our Nation from Muslims. Or sharia law. Or something.

Raw Story reports that Weick said Muslims wanted to impose sharia law on the United States but they would be stopped if we yelled at them.

Well, Christine is quite the yeller, as we learned in Austin, so there's that. She goes on:

"Once they get that established, we're all going to be wearing hijabs....Women, come on, do you want this oppression coming upon you? Keep your intolerance - or keep your tolerance going. Keep it going. Keep your complacency, or you will have it."


The Dallas Morning News also had a blunt editorial about Christine and her little friends:

"The Muslim visitors' rights to peaceful assembly - one of five rights enshrined in the First Amendment - was violated by a small group of morons. Hair flying, one banshee seized the microphone and shrieked nonsense revealing irrational fears more than anything."

Sorry Christine, but I have to agree. Your First Amendment rights don't trump others' And you are a real banshee.

Look, I get it. There are horrible so-called Islamic terrorists out there and they mean to do real harm to us.  And maybe I shouldn't be picking on a lady who might have some mental health issues. (I don't know. I'm not a psychiatrist.)

What really gets my goat is activists and certain media outlets. (Are you reading, Fox News?) that play on this crazy notion that if there are some Muslim terrorists out there, then ALL Muslims are terrorists.

The media who promote this notion are really in it for the eyeballs on the Internet, the ad revenue, to make money.

Nothing wrong with making money. News organizations and other media have to make money and have to attract viewers and readers. No problem there at all.

Sometimes, though, they cross the line from being provocative to make money to doing real damage to society by creating hate on false grounds. By purposefully trying to alienate peaceful Muslims through their antics, they're taking away the potential for peaceful Muslims to help us do more to combat terrorism.

In some cases, when you insult somebody enough, they're going to do exactly what you don't want them to do.

I'm not asking for these "activist media" Islamophobe outlets to shut up. Free speech, after all. They can say what they want. They have the right to.

But if they don't think about the damage they are doing, and obscuring the real problems (and potential solutions) to terrorism, it's up to the rest of us to speak up.

Which I'm doing in my very small way now.

Are you listening, Christine?

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