Sunday, January 11, 2015

Fed-Ex Guy Doesn't Deliver: Steals Puppies instead

French bulldogs Sheila and Bruno were kidnapped from their
Houston area home last week by a Fed Ex driver, but
they were later found and reunited with their human family. 
Almost always, you can count on your Fed-Ex guy or gal to deliver your packages in a timely manner. It's nice to see the Fed-Ex truck. It means you're getting something you want.

However, a Fed-Ex contract employee didn't get the job description right. Instead of leaving packages, and he took things.

Worse, the things he took were part of a family. The Fed-Ex guy took Sheila and Bruno, both six month old French bulldogs, from the Correa family's front yard,  said Houston television station KHOU. 

The dogs had been briefly let out to do their business.

The Correas have a security camera in front of their Houston-area house, and the video shows the guy taking the two dogs and putting them in a Fed-Ex truck.

The Correas young children were at home, but luckily they didn't see the dognapping.

This happened on Wednesday. On Thursday, thank goodness, somebody saw the two bulldogs wandering in the streets (near traffic!) and corralled them.

The Good Samaritan took them to the Kirkwood Veterinary Hospital, where people there recognized Sheila and Bruno from news reports.

The veterinary clinic checked Sheila and Bruno out, determined they were fine and reunited them with the Correa family.

Veterinarians said it was good Sheila and Bruno were found together and were apparently with each other through the whole ordeal. Two dogs that are that close could be traumtized if separated.

Of course, that still doesn't straighten out the mystery of why the Fed-Ex guy took the dogs in the first place.  It is such a weird thing to do. Was he a druggie not knowing what he was doing? Did he see opportunity, figuring he could sell Sheila and Bruno to somebody else and make a nice pile of money?

How did Sheila and Bruno escape and why were they found on a street 20 miles from their home?

Fed-Ex doesn't even know. The Harris, Texas County Sheriff Department is investigating, Fed-Ex says it's cooperating with investigators, and presumably the idiot contract Fed-Ex driver doesn't work for the delivery service anymore.

I'm sure it will be pretty easy to figure out who this guy is and arrest him.

And ask him, "What the HELL were you thinking?"

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