Saturday, January 17, 2015

Dover, Delaware Police Officer Out Swifts Taylor Swift With "Shake It Off"

UPDATE: Taylor Swift like this guy:

Admit it. Like me, a lot of you probably like Taylor Swift's current big hit "Shake It Off."
Believe it or not, the guy on the left in this
photo can out Taylor Swift Taylor Swift.  

However, a big, burly officer with the Dover, Delaware Police Department recently put in an EPIC performance of "Shake If Off" while he patrolled the city.

The guy, so far only identified as "Officer Davis," has got the moves down perfectly.

I think Taylor Swift needs to hire this guy immediately to put him in her shows.

As it is, news organizations are already clammoring for more on this story. The video has gone totally viral.

The Dover Police Department only posted the video on its Facebook page Friday morning, and less than 24 hours later, had received nearly 400,000 views

See for yourself. It will totally brighten your day:

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