Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Best Snow Day School Closing Announcement EVER, By Far

Matt Glendinning, left, the Head of Moses Brown School
in Providence, Rhode Island announces school is closed
for the blizzard in the best possible way while
a puzzled school administrator looks on.  
Thousands of schools throughout New England are closed today as the Blizzard of 2015 rages on.

Most people probably got a text message, or a robocall or heard an announcement on the radio that their school was closed.  

But the experience was quite different at the Moses Brown School in Providence, Rhode Island, a college prep Quaker day school for kids in nursery school through Grade 12.

The school's communication director, Adam Olenn and Head of School Matt Glendinning found the BEST EVER way yesterday to tell students and their parents that school would not be in session today.

It's musical! It feels like Broadway! It's based on "Let It Go" from "Frozen"!

In the video, Glendinning is only lip syncing. The song was actually performed by Justin Peters, the school's choral director, in a sound studio prior to the video being shot,  according to WBUR in Boston.  

The participants produced the video well in advance of any forecasts for storms, knowing that eventually, Moses Brown would have to call a school day. Olenn said he wrote the lyrics in 15 minutes.

When Moses Brown administrators on Sunday heard weather forecasts of the blizzard bearing down on New England, the had their golden chance to release the snow day video, says WBUR.

The lyrics are great in their own simple way.

"The snow glows white on Route 95.
not a tire track to be seen.
We could make you come to school
but tht would just be mean. 

It is really quite a production. And it is the most awesome thing ever. Watch the whole thing and you'll wish Glendinning would come to your school to annouce a snow day

Watch and enjoy!

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