Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Keurig K-Cups Star In Bizarre Action-Horror Movie

From the video: A K-Cup monster destroys
Halifax, Nova Scotia and kills much of the populace
in a strange but fun video from K-Cup opponents.  
Keurig Green Mountain K-Cups are convenient as hell. It seems everybody uses them, including my husband, for their nice single serve fresh coffee all the time.  

The K-Cups, however, are not the most environmentally friendly contraption.

They're made of plastic and foil, and they're full of wet coffee grounds after you use them. They're next to impossible to recycle, so they add to the trash piling up in our landfills and such.

Not a nice PR thing for a company based in oh-so-environmentally friendly Vermont.

It's one thing to criticize these K-cups, but a production company in Canada has made a whole, short, nearly two-and-a-half minute long horror/action movie about K-cups, reports Vermont Public Radio. 

You can watch this way, way over the top, but strangely compelling and funny video at the bottom of this post.

Here's VPR to set the scene up for you:

"To anyone who has seen Cloverfield, the 2008 film depicting a monster attack on Manhattan through the lends of a home video camera recovered by the government, the style of the new video is familiar.

"An aircraft appears in the sky shooting the beverage packs into the streets at a high velocity, killing some onlookers. The person holding the camera runs away and records, in order: a car being blown up by K-Cups, a massive Godzilla-like monster made entirely of K-Cups belching a high volume of K-Cups down onto an unnamed city; a photographer bing crushed by a car-sized K-cup, a woman being stomped on by the aforementioned K-cup monster; soldiers shooting at an unseen enemy; and finally, the recorder's own death by an aerial assault of K-Cup shooting K-Cup trays."

Yeah, way, way, WAYYY over the top.

I just hope my husband's K-Cups don't decided to attack him one early groggy morning in the future.

The movie was made by Egg Studios in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It was shot over the course of a day in Halifax. It was done by Egg Studio staffers over six months during down time when they weren't working for paying clients, says VPR.

Egg Studios partnered with a group called Kill The K-Cup to make the video. The set area was provided by Social Bean Gourmet Coffee Co.

Kill the K-Cup has launch a petitition to get Keurig Green Mountain to change the K-Cup into something recyclable now if not sooner, not Keurig's 2020 target date.

For its part Keurig Green Mountain says finding an environmentally better alternative to a K-Cup is a priority for them, that they appreciate the humor, creativity and message in the video.

In any event, here's the most unusual, but strangely entertaining video:

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