Thursday, January 8, 2015

Scary Video: Truck Crashes Through Office Wall Onto Woman: (Happy Spoiler: She Survives)

Office walls begin to implode behind a woman
working in a Brazilian office as a out of control
pickup truck slams through the building.  
A pickup truck crashed through the wall of a real estate office in Brazil this week. The truck had collided with another vehicle on the street outside, then bounced off the other vehicle and crashed through the office.

The woman sitting near the front door had little or no time to react as the truck crashed through the wall behind her.

Judging from the video, it looks like she was killed, but it turns out she was propelled in front of the flying debris and suffered minor injuries.

The truck's driver and other occupants in the office, in the city of Toledo, Brazil, suffered slight injuries as well.

Authorities say the woman will recover. Except for I imagine what will be a fear of random vehicles coming through the walls of any room she is.

Here's the frightening video, taken from the office security cameras:

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