Friday, January 16, 2015

Ezra Frech, 9, Cool Kid Who's The BEST Antidote To Scumbags

Athlete and motivational speaker
Ezra Frech, age 9.  
People who watch Ellen, which of course is Ellen Degeneres' talk show, know she likes to interview cool kids.  

I stumbled upon one of those interviews today, and I think he's my favorite of all the Ellen kid interviews I've seen or heard about.

His name is Ezra Frech, and he's nine years old.

Initially, when you watch the interview, you think the incredibly remarkable thing about him is he's this really, REALLY good athlete, despite having had one leg amputated and two fingers on one of his hands.

(One of those fingers is a former toe, taken by doctors to help him out when they amputated his leg.)

Then you realize what a great interview he is. He's just so interesting and inspiration and smart.

Degeneres, during the interview, said Ezra should be a motivational speaker. Ezra said he already does that.  He's got a whole organization around that called Team Ezra. 

Can't say I'm surprised there.

The impressive thing about this kid is not what's going on physically with him. It's his brain. Poised, smart way, way beyond his years, wise, philosophical, polite, engaging - what's not to love?

I get so worn down by the scumbuckets I always read about in the news, and the ignorant scumbuckets I often feature in this blog.

So it's a HUGE breath of fresh air when I find out about some kid like Ezra Frech.

The kids are alright. Ezra demonstrates it. Want proof? Watch Ellen Degeneres interview Ezra Frech:

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