Wednesday, January 21, 2015

John Boehner Was Highlight Of Obama's State Of The Union Address

John Boehner looking either unhappy or ill
during Obama's State of the Union s
speech last night.  
I know I'm focusing on the trivial, but I'll let the experts pick apart Barack Obama's State Of The Union speech.  

What I was really fascinated with was House Speaker John Boehner in the background. The facial expressions were priceless.

Was he constipated? Was he having Budweiser burps? Was he about to projectile vomit on national television?

Boehner's perpetually orange complexion didn't help either, especially as compared to the very pale Vice President Joe Biden seated next to Boehner.

People say it's just a tan, natural or otherwise, but gawd, which sun does he expose himself to?

Here's a Huffington Post mashup of Boehner's best facial expressions during last night's State Of The Union

Watch and pick your favorite!

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