Friday, January 16, 2015

Vox Magazine: Are Right Wing "Christians" Issuing More Threats Than Jihadists?

Vox, the online magazine, raised an interesting observation yesterday.
The online publication Vox got some threats
after running articles about Charlie Hebdo cartoons
and Islam. But the threats didn't exactly come
from jihadist sympathizers.  

They ran an image of a Charlie Hebdo cartoon, the kind that has occasionally inspired threats, and terrorists attacks by fundamentalist "Islamic" morons who think their religion was insulted, and that justifies mass murder.

Which is why you had that awful terrorist attack in Paris at the offices of Charlie Hebdo and that market. The Islamist extremists think insulting the prophet Mohammed should be a death penalty or something.

Vox reports that they have indeed received a number of threats. But not from who you'd think. I'll let Vox explain it:

"Writers at Vox have indeed been bombarded with threats for our Charlie Hebdo coverage. But not one of those threats has come from a Muslim or in response to publishing anti-Islam cartoons. Revealingly, they have rather all come from non-Muslims furious at our articles critizing Islamophobia."

Most of the threats are from people hoping jihadist militants kill the offending writer.

"A recent email hoped that Muslims will 'behead you one day' so that 'we will never have to read your trash again.'"

Um, wouldn't it be easier to just not read Vox if you don't like it? I'm not aware of any law that says we have to read Vox or any other publication.

Ok, Vox, go on:

"As is often the case, the strongest threats have been reserved for women. One writer received a message arguing that someone should 'put a gun up your ass' to make her understand terrorism."

My, these right wing fanatics are so imaginative! And have such interesting sexual fantasies! Though I'm not sure how putting a Glock 9 mm up one's anus will make anyone understand the intricacies of that terrorist attack in Paris. But what do I know?

Here's the richest part of Vox's piece on the threats they've been getting:
The Paris terrorists were/are surely some of
the worst people on the planet. Right wing bigots are
light years better, hut still not good people.  

"Ironically, these threats are typically couched in arguments that Muslims are inherently irrational and violent. Further, threats made with the explicit intention of silencing journalists from discussing Islamophobia are positioned as necessary 'defenses' of free speech against the threat of Islam."

Yeah, I don't get the logic either. "Let's ban free speech to protect free speech."

Sounds like the only speech the right wing Fox watching wackos want to preserve is their own. Probably because nobody listens to them as most other voices from other sources are more informative and interesting.

Hey, you gotta try something, right?

True, people who shoot up magazine offices and Jewish markets and kill 17 people are far, FAR worse than the ignorant morons on our nation's right wing political fringes.

But make no mistake, the dickheads that threatened Vox are bad people. Let's once again let Vox explain it, since they've been doing such a good job:

"The people who threaten us are crazies and there's no indication that they are representative of any greater whole or are considering doing any more than sending an email. But we are not the only outlet being targeted, and receiving dozens of threatening emails can have a real effect on journalists, even if we suspect the threats will come to nothing."

It seems that many, but not all on the right wing and evangelical groups seem to continually try to find ways to be petty and parochial.  Just look at what happened at Duke University in North Carolina yesterday:

Says Mashable: 

"Duke University has 'reconsidered' a plan that would have allowed Muslims to use its chapel's famed bell tower for a weekly, amplified call to prayer. 

"'Duke remains committed to fostering an inclusive, tolerant and welcoming campus for all of its students," a spokesman for Duke said. "However, it was clear that what was conceived as an effort to unify was not having the intended effect."

And why not? Because evangelist Franklin Graham, son of the Rev. Billy Graham is an asshole. Here's what Franklin Graham, that bigot, had to say:

"Christianity is being excluded from the public square (while) followers of Islam are raping, butchering, and beheading Christians, Jews and anyone who doesn't submit to their Sharia Islamic law."

Oh, that's so rich. Christians don't have a voice in America anymore? What doobie have you been smoking, Frankie?  Can I call you Frankie, Frankie?

OK, let's follow the Frankie "logic" here. It looks like Frankie thinks that since some Muslims are doing evil, murderous things, that means ALL Muslims are evil and murderous.

If that's the case then if there are a few so-called Christians who are threatening Vox and anyone else who dares to say something mildly positive about Islam, then ALL Christians are small-minded thugs who get off on sending vulgar, ignorant threats to people whose point of view they don't like.

I obviously don't believe that about Christians. But do YOU think Christians are all stupid bullies, Frankie?  If I follow your "logic," it seems you do.

It goes on and on. We have former GOP U.S. House Rep Joe Walsh issuing this lovely Tweet:

Yes, it's fair to argue CNN and MSNBC might not have shown enough bravery and free speech commitment when they didn't show the cartoons, but do you REALLY want Islamist terrorists to kill people at CNN and MSNBC?

Doesn't that make you as bad as the terrorists who do want to kill westerners. Joe, are you going to turn up at a jihadist training camp in Syria or something?

Since I've been on a pro-free speech rant, I certainly won't ask the likes of Frankie Graham and Joe Walsh to shut up. They can say whatever they like.

However, everyone has the right to free speech. Or at least should have that right. So let's raise our voices to increase understanding and peace between major religions.

We need more of that, not less.

Just ask the fine people of Paris.

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