Saturday, January 3, 2015

Woman In McDonald's Takes Bad Mood To New Heights

Watch this woman get VERY angry and make a fool of herself
We've all been in bad moods. Things don't go right and we spout off.

In what must be the most overdone example of this, I give you the comically awful tableau of a woman in McDonald's who seems to be disputing a $6 order. And she WANTS HER 40 CENTS BACK!!!!!!!!!

This goes on for three minutes. And you thought YOU had a bad day.

If I worked at that McDonald's I would have thrown a McFlurry in her face, just to make her chill.

I dunno. It seems like people go to McDonald's with the express desire to be angry, judging from how many YouTube videos there are of such things. 

Still, I think out of control angry people are funny. Hope you do, too, but watch it. The language is definitely NSFW.

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