Monday, January 5, 2015

Moose Rescued From Avalanche Seems To Be OK

Rob Uphus and Marty Mobley recently rescued a moose
trapped in an Alaska avalanche. The guy who took this
photo, Avery Vucinich, was also one of the rescuers.  
Three guys snowmobiling northeast of Anchorage, Alaska recently encountered an avalanche victim.

Hurray! Our victim will survive after all.

The rescue was made a bit more challenging, though, because buried in the snow was not some other guy, but a moose.

According to NPR and the Alaska Dispatch News, the three men saw part of the moose's snout and ears poking out of the snow.

The guys set to work digging. Two actually dug at the snow, while the third watched the steep mountain overhead, ready to warn if another avalanche started.

"It didn't even fight us," said Marty Mobley said. "It was like, 'Help me. Help me.' It was totally docile and let us touch it. It just (lay) there," Mobley said.

Eventually, the guys shoveled out the moose and one of them poked at the moose.

It looked like the abomnable snowman, since it was covered in packed snow. But it shook the snow, and the trauma of getting stuck in the avalanche off, and took off down the mountain "at full steam," said the guys who rescued the moose.

"I am an animal lover, and I couldn't leave it there," Mobley said. "Besides we deal with a lot of avalanches and a lot of snow. That kind of karma is something we don't pass up."

Congratulations to the three guys for doing this kind deed. Happy snowmobile trails to you!

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