Thursday, February 4, 2016

Anti-Abortion Wackos Are Terrorizing School Children And Undermining Their Own Causes

 Very icky anti-abortion protestors in front
of a  Washington DC elementary school 
A group of anti-abortion zealots is severely harassing grade school kids because that school is near a proposed Planned Parenthood site.

I guess it's the kids' fault, I dunno.

The Two Rivers Public Charter School in Washington DC is a very good school. Much in demand by parents. It's also across the street from a proposed Planned Parenthood site.

Anti-abortion activists are not happy. They know Planned Parenthood performs some abortions, in addition to their wide variety of health care offerings for women.

That the activists hate abortions and make their feelings know publicly is fine. Yay First Amendment!

Here's the problem: They're basically torturing the kids going to and from the Two Rivers Public Charter School in - to put it extremely mildly - a horribly misguided effort to stop the proposed Planned Parenthood center, and to stop abortions altogether, reports Matt Ramos in Vice. 

The protestors wave giant pictures of aborted fetuses in childrens' faces. When teachers and parents started leading kids into and out of a side entrance to the school so they can avoid this sordid spectacle, some of the demonstrators followed the kids into the side entrance and shouting.

Shouting thing at the kids like, at them, demanding that they stop the "bloodbath that's coming across the street." and to "tell your parents that you don't want to go to school next to a baby killing center."

The mother of a student at Two Rivers said she is a pro-life Christian, but leave the kids alone, according to Vice:

"Challenge Roe v. Wade in the court system, find a way to create restrictions in the law, but going after kids is how you lose the value of what you're saying.......Heck at least do it where the kids need the message - go to a high school. But an elementary?"

Good luck getting rid of these zealots, though.

They're not protesting at the Planned Parenthood site because there's a court injunction against it. Demonstrators do have the right to occupy public sidewalks and such, so the group is being mean to the kids at the nearby school.

The school itself has not taken a position on whether it likes Planned Parenthood or not, apparently because they want to be even handed. Which is totally sensible.

But Two Rivers is fed up. Ramos reports that the school has filed for an injunction against the protestors, but a judge is not expected to rule on the  matter until March 11.

At least one of the protestors who occasionally shows up in front of the Two Rivers school is potentially dangerous, Ramos writes in Vice.

Robert Weiler Jr. was sentence in 2006 to five years in prison for plotting to shoot up a Maryland abortion clinic. He also had a pipe bomb with him at the time. Thankfully, the plot was thwarted when Weiler's parents narced on him.

I get it. If you have very strong beliefs, it's hard to contain yourself. But almost nothing turns a person into a villian faster than harassing and frightening little children.

I guess these anti-abortion zealots care deeply about children before they are born. But once they are out of the womb, screw 'em.

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  1. How come this wacko went to jail for a couple of years when the mere threat, let alone a pipe bomb, would send a muslim to jail for life, without parole. This is ridiculous.