Saturday, February 13, 2016

OK Go Has Another Music Video Spectacle, This Time In Zero Gravity

Ok Go is back with another one of their extreme
music videos, this one featuring
moments of weightlessness 
The rock group OK Go has always made absolutely wild, extreme, and creative music videos ever since their innovative, insane and highly entertaining Rube Goldbergesque clip for the song  "This Too Shall Pass" back in 2010. 

Their latest video, for the song "Upside Down And Inside Out" was released Thursday and already is racked up two million views on Facebook within the first day.

And no wonder. The thing was filmed in zero gravity. Really!

They filmed the video while flying over Russia in a special plane that cosmonauts use for training, reports Fast Company.

The plane uses high speed flight maneuvers to create moments of weightlessness. The periods of weightlessness lasted only about 27 seconds each, so videographers had to stitch the brief clips together to create a seamless video.

"The physics of this thing are wild," guitarist Andy Ross told Fast Company.

Plus, the experience was doubtlessly difficult on the band, the other actors in the video, and the crew filming it. Not for nothing, the special plane they were on is dubbed the "vomit comet."

Wild music videos are OK Go's niche. "We're always trying to stretch ourselves.....always trying to push the limits," Ross said in the Fast Company interview.

Here's the video:

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