Friday, February 26, 2016

Giant Hornets Nest Terrorizes Texas Family.

Marcus Smith, in Alto, Texas much braver than I am,
dares to put his hand near a hornets nest much bigger
than he is inside an abandoned trailer.  
Generally, I don't like to use toxic chemicals, even on bugs that bite and sting.

I make an exception, though, for hornets and wasps, which, in the summer, keep forming little nests on my deck and in my shed. They take control, so I regularly spray new nests with Raid.  

OK, so I'm not environmentally correct.  Don't get me wrong.

Hornets are actually good insects if they're far enough away from my house. Hornets and wasps eat insects that damage gardens, and they help with pollination.

If they're a good couple hundred feet away, I leave them alone. Only if they're far enough away.

Which leads us to a recent story out of Texas. It's a situation that would require a LOT of Raid. Maybe the entire Raid factory.

There's an old trailer in the back yard of an Alto, Texas house. Nobody has set food in the thing for years. In fact nobody has touched the thing, really, in 10 years or so.

But now, the homeowners and their friends want to give the property a bit of a makeover. Family friend Marcus Smith entered the abandoned trailer and what he found would have scared the bejeesus out of me.

He seemed pretty calm in his interview on television station KYTX, which is better than I could have done.

Inside the trailer in the back yard, he found a hornet's nest that seems almost as big as a Smart Car, in my assessment. Smith stands six feet, one inches tall, and the hornet's nest is up to his chest. It has completely consumed a couch that had been abandoned in the trailer as well.

Smith even voluntarily went back into the trailer with a KYTX reporter to show her his find.


Of course now, the homeowners have to figure out how to get rid of this monstrosity. They're going to consult with a pest control business.

Meanwhile, if you're anywhere near Alto, Texas, you might want to stay out of this neighborhood.


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