Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Moralilty Police After Youj? There's An App For That

A member of Iran's obnoxious morality
police annoys the woman in the pink scarf,
as does the scolding woman in black. 
This morning I complained about the Michigan legislature clinging to outdated and stupid "sexual morality laws" that are unconstitutional.

Of course, it's always worse somewhere else. Like Iran.

There, Islamic law rules the day, and so called morality police roam the streets, looking to reprimand or even arrest people for the high crimes of not wearing a veil correctly if you're a woman, or if a guy is walking along the street with a woman who's not his wife.

Yeah, it would be a wicked pain to live in Iran.

However, there's an app for the morality police.

According to France 24 via JoeMyGod:

"The new app is meant for young Iranians, especially young women who wear their veil loosely, pushed far back on their heads and showing their hair and face. 

The way the app works is simple: If a uses sees a "Gasht-e-Ershad", an officer of the morality police, in the street, he can upload the officer's location to the app, then other users will be immediately warned and can change their route. The app has built-in checks to make sure that users are sharing credible information."

Also, like any crowd sourcing app, the more people report a morality police officer in a particular location, the more likely the officer is really there.

People can get these apps at Google Play stores.

I'm sure the autocratic authorities in Iran will crack down on this app, but it's amazing how these dictaorial idiots don't get it.

Sure, they can crack down, but somebody else will use technology in a different way, and young Iranian women can then find another way to avoid these obnoxious morality police idiots.

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